#111 What does the future hold for your Pension?

Our expert panel discuss all things Pension related, including whether to rely on the State Pension, how to accumulate a healthy retirement fund and using your Pension for income. The panel also provide insight on what the future holds for your Pension.

00:00 True Potential Win 'Best Online/Mobile Access'.
05:09 Why should you have a Pension?
05:44 The importance of starting early.
06:39 The financial benefits of saving into a Pension.
08:11 How technology can help you do more with your Pension?
09:11 How can you contribute to your Pension?
10:43 Understanding the different types of Pensions.
13:16 Should you always take your 25% Tax Free Lump Sum?
19:17 How to use your Pension for retirement income.
20:27 Will the State Pension age keep rising?
22:26 Can you rely on the State Pension?
23:47 What you need to know about Workplace Auto Enrolment Pensions
25:43 What is the Pensions Dashboard?
31:22 How can we make Pensions sexy?
32:46 How can you earn cashback on your True Potential Account?

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