1.1: Jim Shumway | Senior Project Manager | Entertainment Industry

Jim Shumway and I are back to talk all things automation and performer flying. We dig into the certifications you should be looking to get if you want to make a career of technical theatre and live event design. Jim is also sharing his thoughts on the various roles in the industry.

One of the big topics we cover is why there isn’t currently a certification for automated rigging and reasons why that needs to change. We also cover what kinds of questions should be included in such a certification.

Think about it. You’re talking about creating a computer program designed to move a human body or a large piece of set around a room. That room could be the size of a stadium or the size of a theatre. Either way, you are responsible for the lives of the performers and the audience members.

Shouldn’t that responsibility require certification?

Aside from our deep dive into automated rigging, we also chat about finding work-life balance and why you should never make your company or your profession your everything. When you die, your job will be listed before your obituary ever gets printed. Act accordingly! (Said perfectly by Jim)

This was a fantastic conversation and part 2 is just as informative and deep diving as part 1. Listen in and let me know what you favorite takeaways are!

In this episode: [00:30] Now for part II of my interview with Jim Shumway!

[00:44] Listen as Jim discusses TAIT, what it is and what they do.

[03:45] Jim shares the responsibility of a Systems Integrator and what students should study to become one.

[07:08] Jim talks about who he means when he says the authority that has jurisdiction.

[11:58] Jim discusses the things that a project manager at TAIT handles.

[14:23] Jim speaks about the scope of reasonability that changes from Project Manager to Senior Project Manager.

[17:10] Reporting structure on a project is not related to reporting structure organizationally.

[19:28] Jim talks about when he got his ETCP Certifications.

[21:31] ETCP stands for Entertainment Technicians Certification Program.

[23:59] Jim believes they need a certification for automated rigging.

[27:21] There are three main parts for the Arena Entertainers Riggers Certification; the planning and engineering, installation, and materials and equipment.

[28:12] Jim shares some things he would include in the automated rigging certification under the planning and engineering part of the certification.

[30:42] Jim explains the safe sandbox principle.

[33:03] The real jump from a theater and arena certification to an automated certification is that theater and arena are 2D where automated is 3D.

[36:18] Jim shares the materials and equipment you should have knowledge of if you were to take the fictional right now automated rigging certification.

[39:39] Jim says that he wouldn’t change the requirements for certifications if he was to write an automated certification.

[42:02] Listen as Jim speaks about the things he talks about in his book.

[44:30] Jim discusses his pilot's license and how much it costs to get the certification.

[46:22] Jim talks about who he believes are the greats in his industry.

[49:25] Jim shares the best and the worst of his current job.

[52:23] Jim speaks about his work life balance and how to maintain a healthy relationship.

[55:22] Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life is what Jim wants to leave the listeners with.

[57:40] Raiders of the Lost Ark is a movie he puts on when he wants to fall asleep.

[58:50] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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