11 Cheapest Stocks to Buy Now | Ultimate 2022 Value Portfolio

Do you know the 11 cheapest stocks in the market? These are the very best value stocks to buy for a portfolio that will protect you against a stock crash and produce returns.

After two years of a bull market, stocks are undeniably expensive...well,not all stocks. In fact, more than 100 stocks are within 10% of their 52-week low and there are some great value stocks out there if you know where to look!

In this video, I’ll share why every investor needs to be thinking value stocks right now and how to find the cheap stocks with rebound potential. Then I’ll reveal the cheapest stocks in each of the 11 stock sectors to help you create a value portfolio for 2022.

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To understand what we’re talking about here, you only have to look at the market lately. After a year of nothing but higher prices, stocks have been through three major selloffs since February with two corrections of more than 5% just in the last two months. The stock market is looking scary heading into 2022 and value stocks could be your best bet for return. Not only are these cheap stocks a great strategy for that rebound rally but if the market does fall apart, they’re already in value territory so not going to fall as much as the expensive growth stocks.

We’re not just looking for these cheap stocks for the sake of being cheap. Historically value stocks have beaten more expensive growth stocks. You see here the portfolio value of a dollar invested in value or growth since 1927 and that outperformance in value stocks has grown for decades. And while growth stocks have done better the last few years, we’re getting late in the bull market and that’s when you’re going to see value stocks reassert that leadership. Over the next few years, as the economy slows, it will be the value stocks that outperform once again.

Now I wanted to get in a disclaimer here because we aren’t just going for the cheapest stock in each sector without looking at fundamentals as well. For example, when I did my search, Thryv was actually only the fourth cheapest stock in the sector…behind IDT Corporation and Clear Channel Outdoors. Looking at those though, because of debt, revenue growth and other factors, I just couldn’t recommend them. So use the cheap stocks screener I’ll show you as a starting point but then use the rest of the analysis I’ve shown you here on the channel to find those value stocks with strong upside potential.

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