10/5 Ask the Experts: Learn more about Privacy Management

Did you know in 2021 60% of the world’s population is online generating 2.5 quintillion (a million trillion) bytes a day. That’s 1.7 MB per second. Along with the growth in data the risk of exposure and types of malware attacks grow. Join us for a live walk though of what ServiceNow Privacy Management can do to help you embed privacy by design across your enterprise, stay on top of risks, and efficiently support customer data privacy needs and build trust.


Pramod Chandra is a principal product manager in ServiceNow, focused on the Privacy Management application within Risk Business Unit. Pramod has spent 15years in the Product Management profession and has lived in the GRC space for the last ten years, implementing the GRC platform and GRC solutions. He worked with various small and large customers from different verticals. As a value-driven product enthusiast, he is passionate about solving business problems by building easy-to-use, intuitive, scalable products and enjoys working with cross-functional teams.
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