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About Indradhanu Academy :
Indradhanu Acadmey is a premium academy in Nagpur providing training to two types of people,
a. Aspiring Accounting Professionals
b. SME Business Owners
Courses for becoming an Accounting Professional :
We have premium training courses (online as well as offline) for those who wish to become accounting professionals and start earning within 60 days. Following is the link for two courses for becoming an accounting professional.
a. Smart Accountant

b. Certified Business Accountant

Course for Business Owners :
SME businesses are the backbone of economy of our country. It is generally seen than any SME owner has to face lot of challenges on many fronts. Ultimately this leads to overall dis-satifaction in personal as well as professional life of any SME business owners.
At Indradhanu Academy, we provide peace of mind to business owners by providing practical workable solutions using “Power of Accounting”.
We have a unique course for SME Owners as “sme to SME”.
“sme” stands for small and medium enterprise
“SME” stands for Systematically Managed Enterprise.
This course is extremely useful for moving towards Systematically Managed Enterprise. This course is one stop solution for achieving overall peace of mind in professional as well as personal life.
Click below to know more and buy the course.
Accounting Friend Lecture Series :
This is a weekly lecture series, free of cost for inner circle members only. Not for all. CA. Pankaj Deshpande and other experts conduct sessions for variety of topics every week for 45 minutes. Click the link below to know more and apply for registration.
To connect with CA. Pankaj Deshpande on social media
Instagram : capankajd
Linkedin : capankajd
Facebook : capankajd
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