10 Skills before MBA that one MUST acquire | Skills before B-school that make you MBA-Ready!

Looking for the top skills before MBA that can ease your way during those 2 rigorous years of MBA? You have found the right video. Basis my experience of surviving at IIM Ahmedabad, these are the top 10 skills before B-school that I would recommend anyone to acquire.

MBA life is hectic and the fast-paced study pedagogy doesn't offer you the luxury of time to learn these skills on campus. Hence, it is recommended to become MBA-ready beforehand and acquire these 10 MBA skills.

Stay tuned for the upcoming video that helps you acquire these skills for free.
The video has been uploaded here - https://youtu.be/c3p2TxryqdE

For more, watch the following videos:

✔️ Dress-Up: https://youtu.be/Jr2hkYp5DSc
✔️ CV Making: https://youtu.be/gFQsnmeNWJA
✔️ Consulting Skills - https://youtu.be/6jwFHVxEme4
✔️ Finance Skills - https://youtu.be/O7_5X5WATCE
✔️ Marketing Skills - https://youtu.be/xBmBi88JhS4
✔️ HR Skills - https://youtu.be/Jehs_mNnBfk
✔️ People Management Course - https://www.coursera.org/specializations/leading-teams
✔️ LinkedIn Networking - https://www.themuse.com/advice/the-31-best-linkedin-profile-tips-for-job-seekers

Hope this video helps you acquire these 10 skills before MBA, stay tuned for the next video that suggests courses to do before MBA.

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