10 Personality Improvement Skills | How to get an attractive personality | Tips for Personality

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Dr. Prashant Khande, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Trainer, CSR Consultant, Business & Management Consultant, has more than 17 years’ experience in Business Management, HR, Marketing and Business Strategic Planning with MNC’s. He has more than 10 years of experience as a corporate/institutional trainer in Business, Personality Development, HRM, Leadership, Communication team management & motivational trainings. He got Leaders awards in 2015, 2016 in association with Zee Business Network and 24MRC, also received Vivekananda Yuvaratna Award 2018 and Nelda Foundation Recognition for Social Work. Young Achievers Awards from INC Bangalore in 2021. Youth Leader Award in 2023. Carona Yodha Award in 2022 and many more recognitions. He is working as consultant with board of directors of few organizations. He is also founder of 2 social organizations in India. He is social activists and has worked on several social and educational projects for rural and urban India. He is an EXTC Engineer and MBA. He has been completed DPMIR, LLB and PGDCRM. He completed his PhD in Management & Commerce.
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