10 Major Differences Between INTJ and INFJ Personality Types

You need to know these 10 Major Differences Between INTJ and INFJ Personality Types!
On the first look the INTJ personality type might seem similar to the INFJ personality for many reasons. This is mostly because of the 16 personalities, INTJ consists of the introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging characters, while the INFJ personality has the introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging characters. Almost the same, right? Well, not really.

You can see big differences between these personality types when you compare their cognitive function stacks! This means that these types are very different from each other and the thinking/feeling preference isn’t the only thing that doesn’t match up. If you were ever confused if you are an INTJ personality type or an INFJ personality type this video will provide you an answer. Furthermore, knowing those differences will help you in your self-improvement journey and increase your social skills. Let's examine the difference between these two personality types. Here are 10 Major Differences Between INTJ and INFJ Personality Types.

0:00 Intro
1:29 - 1. Concept focused vs People focused
2:09 - 2. Logic vs Emotions
3:09 - 3. Digging in vs Diffusing
4:04 - 4. Determination vs Altruism
5:18 - 5. Direct communication vs Subtle communication
6:33 - 6. Handling the anger vs Suppressing the anger
7:28 - 7. Scepticism vs Good Intentions
8:05 - 8. Competitiveness vs Self-consciousness
9:09 - 9. Feedback vs Empathy
10:16 - 10. Restraining emotions vs Expressing emotions

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