10 Items That Will Face Shortages This Winter - Stock Up NOW!

Shelves are emptying rapidly in 2023 due to supply chain vulnerabilities from cyber attacks, and labor and component shortages, affecting various products. This video informs on essential supplies that are sold out or will be soon. With global respiratory infections rising, retailers and grocers are expected to face chaos in the coming months. The list includes:

1. **Tomato Products**: Due to record rainfalls and delayed planting, there's a shortage and price increase in all tomato-based items, with some farmers potentially exiting the business.

2. **Clorox Products**: A recent cyber attack on Clorox has caused production and shipment delays, affecting availability in stores and companies, including hospitals and schools.

3. **Cold Cuts**: A global carbon dioxide shortage, essential for preserving meats, is leading to potential shortages in cold cuts.

4. **Smartphones**: With a two-thirds drop in smartphone brands and production cuts due to a chip shortage, the market is undersupplied, leading to potential shortages until late 2024.

5. **Laxatives**: A rising trend of laxative misuse for weight loss among young Americans has led to increased demand and shortages in pharmacies.

6. **Macaroni**: A global pasta shortage and a 29% price increase since 2021 have affected the availability and cost of macaroni.

7. **Corn Chips**: Global corn production decline and increased demand have led to shortages and price surges in corn-based products.

8. **Large Christmas Trees**: A shortage tracing back to the 2007-2008 financial crisis is expected to worsen in 2023 and 2024, affecting the availability of six to seven-foot-tall Christmas trees.

9. **Tinned Fish**: A TikTok trend has skyrocketed demand for tinned fish, but disappointing fish production and store closures limit availability.

10. **Watermelon**: Despite increased production, the quality of watermelons has declined due to weather conditions, leading to higher prices and limited availability in stores.

Share your observations of shortages in the comments, and stay tuned for more content!

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