10 English Power Words | The Language of Leadership

Use these 10 English power words on leadership when you’re aiming to interview for a job in English, write your resume, or determine opportunities for personal/professional growth.

Whether you’re in a management position, you’ve been recently tasked to lead a project, or you’re seeking to develop your career, fine-tuned leadership skills are essential for success.

These are the skills you use when organizing other people to reach a shared goal and when you motivate others to complete their tasks.

Everything you learn in this lesson today is aimed to boost your English vocabulary so you have more options when you’re choosing your words and it’s designed to heighten your awareness of these leadership skills in English.

From start to finish, I’ll share concrete examples with you so you can see how each of these English power words is used.

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00:00 - Intro
00:58 - What are power words?
02:51 - Achieve
03:48 - Delegate
04:38 - Deliver
05:21 - Facilitate
06:01 - Implement
06:29 - Improve
06:57 - Mentor
07:27 - Resolve
08:16 - Spearhead
09:03 - Specialize
09:50 - Practice



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