10 All-New Electric Side-by-Sides, Bikes and Other Inventions for Off-roading

If we skim through the latest automotive news, it’s easy to get an impression that many automotive experts have come to a consensus that a large percentage of vehicles are bound to be electrified over the next decade. This trend is to affect all market segments and even types vehicles that are primarily used far away from a well-developed charging infrastructure. Off-roaders easily fit the description of this type of vehicles and some manufacturers are already trying their luck in this field.
Today we are talking about the upcoming electric adventure vehicles to see how long we will have to wait before zero emission off-roading arrives.

Detailed rundown of all news and EVs that were mentioned in this #ATelectriccars video:

All-electric vehicles created by Japanese manufacturers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VowBZdMIGJ4

Powerful e-motorcycles that will arrive soon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkqkVrVmNa0

Detailed list of all models from this #ATelectriccars video:

00:00 Introduction

00:38 Stark Varg

A Barcelona-based startup called the Stark Future was created one of the most powerful electric motocross bikes of today. The bike that tips the scales at 242 pounds, would be equipped with a water-cooled electric motor, capable of reaching the 80 horsepower output. The torque parameters at the wheel are as much as 692 pound-feet.

02:16 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic

The all-new Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic has an advanced electric drivetrain that can generate 140 pound-feet of torque. While behind the steering wheel, you can also rely on a 110 horsepower output and the towing capabilities of 2500 pounds. The carrying capacity is set at 1250 pounds of cargo that can be transported inside the box.

03:45 Mosphera

Created with an aim of withstanding even the harshest terrains, Mosphera was equipped with a set of 17-in offroad tires, has an upside-down suspension forks in the front, as well as coil shock in the rear, in order to maintain traction and riding comfort at all times. If decide to equip your ride with a dual battery option, you can expect up to 186 miles of riding in the 48Volt setting or up to 112 miles in the 72Volt setting.

05:16 Baja Board S2 Atrax

This Australian manufacturer is bringing a brand-new model for the 2022 model year. The S2 Atrax with have drivetrain that is good for reaching speeds up to 37 mph and conquering hills with up to 40% grade. Consumers will be offered two battery pack options: an 864 Watt-hour battery good for 27 miles of riding or a 1800Watt-hour battery that can extend your riding sessions to 60 miles.

06:46 Onewheel GT

The new OneWheel GT has been redesigned from the ground up, it received a new in-wheel motor unit that lets you have three horsepower at your disposal. Even though the motor offers a 50% boost in torque compared to previous models, this OneWheel still has the limited top speed of 20 mph.

08:09 Lexus Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle

This dune-buggy concept has the makings of a typical UTV with a protective cage, exposed suspension elements, and grippy off-road tyres. It has the length of 10.2 feet, width of 5.6 feet and the height of 5.9 feet. The power will come courtesy of a 1.0-liter hydrogen engine that does not require fuel cells or batteries and operates like a traditional vehicle.

09:29 Vsett 11+ and 11 Super

The Eleven Plus scooter comes equipped with a dual-motor powertrain capable of putting out 3000 watts of peak power. The combination of such powertrain and a set of 60Volt batteries results in the top riding speed of 44 miles per hour. That is some serious performance that could be handled by experienced riders only.

11:00 Vanderhall Brawley

This vehicle is to be powered by a quad-motor electric powertrain with output rated at 404 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque. With 22 inches of suspension travel, internal bypass shocks, 18-inch wheels with 35-inch off-road tires, and so much power, Brawley should have to problem speeding through endless sand dunes. The electric powertrain is hooked up to a battery module with up to 60 kilowatt-hours of capacity.

12:23 Volcon Grunt, Stag and Beast

Volcon is a young EV company from Texas that has set ambitious plans to revolutionize ePowersports market segment. At the moment they have two production-ready electric motorcycles, while two ATV models are to be unveiled soon. The bike lineup is presented by the Grunt motorcycle and its miniature version called the Runt.
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