#095 | Why capability management is the key to success in your business

I bet when you read capabilities, you are thinking about the skills you or your people have. Well, kind of, but not really. I've been in a business for almost 10 years and have been working in mid-large businesses for almost 20 years. One of the most important things I've learnt in business is that capabilities more relate to what the organisation itself is able to do and the processes it follows to achieve that. Regardless of whether you are a hairdresser, cafe owner, or entrepreneur, the capabilities you possess and how you manage them are what sets you apart from the rest.

On the podcast this episode, I help you understand what capabilities are and why capability management is key to success in business. We dive into:

• What capabilities are
• Why they are important
• What capability management means
• How to manage your business using capabilities 
• And much more!

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