021 Amazing things youth can do: developing your child's soft skills

⁉️ Would your child benefit from better communication skills, time management skills, or teamwork abilities?
⁉️ Wondering how your child will get out of his comfort zone?
⁉️ Are you hesitant to push your child to do hard things?

You’re confident in your child’s knowledge but what about his soft skills? You see that he’s doing well in his academics though there’s much more needed to be successful in life beyond school than good grades. How do we encourage growth in communication, responsibility and flexibility? Join my conversation with Jason Lindsay who is confident our children benefit from doing hard things. He says we need to push them beyond their comfort zones - and probably our comfort level also!

We’ll discuss:
✅ what soft skills are most beneficial in the work world
✅ how your child can gain valuable soft skills
✅ how to help your child get out of his comfort zone

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