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Welcome to Buddypower inTotech Private Limited (BPI)
Buddy power in To Tech

Our Services
Custom Application Development
Web Application Development
Java Development
Oracle Development
Digital Solutions
IT Services
Internship/ Training

BUDDYPOWER INTOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED is a budding Company, which was incorporated in May 2020. BPI (P) Ltd offers a host of software solutions to all organizations irrespective of its size or domain viz.,
Our expert team of professionals who are also richly experienced would help you to achieve your business goals through our innovative solutions.
Oracle Cloud
OCI guides fast-growth companies to enterprise organizations, offering a collection of cloud resources, best practices, tutorials, and enablement tools. This framework helps organizations define a robust cloud strategy, plan for successful workload migration, and ensure complete manageability of cloud environments. Oracle also provides customers with a methodology to leverage Oracle Cloud differentiators and built-in efficiencies that best facilitate their transition to the cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Data as a Service (DaaS) capabilities in a single, comprehensive platform.
Oracle EBS
Oracle E-Business Suite is designed to help users manage global businesses, improve decision making, reduce costs and increase corporate performance. E-Business Suite contains application modules that support different aspects of CRM, ERP and SCM operations, including customer service management, financial management, human capital management, project portfolio management, procurement, and value chain planning and execution. E-Business Suite is also pre-integrated with Oracle’s business intelligence applications to provide EBS users with BI and analytics capabilities.

Our expert team of professionals who are also richly experienced would help you to achieve your business goals through our innovative solutions.
Oracle Development

Our superb development team has been working with Oracle products for many years and we’re confident that we can extend your existing system using Oracle’s diverse selection of products and extensions.
BPI delivers best-in-class Oracle Cloud solutions that enhance business performance, strengthens security, and simplifies operation management for all types of businesses.
We offer the following Oracle Cloud Services:
Oracle Cloud Implementation
Oracle Cloud Integration
Oracle Cloud Remote DBA
Oracle Cloud Migration
We also provide expert-level Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services, including combining autonomous services, serverless computing power, oracle database technology and integrated security to provide real-time elasticity for enterprise applications.
Our OCI services include:
Data Analytics
Application development
Applied Software Technologies
Computing services
Database Technology
Observability & Management
Secure, Identity & Compliance
Cloud storage services

Custom Application Development

Application Development and Maintenance Services
Software framework outline and design
Specifications plan and sketching out
Development of complete arrangements
System reconciliations
IT Procedures and Application Modernization
Cloud arrangement usage
Software quality confirmation
Onsite and offshore team deployments
Post-improvement specialized/client bolster, client preparing, and related administrations

Web Application Development

Java Development

.Net Web Development

Digital Solutions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Return on Investment (ROI)

IT Services

We offer the following solutions generally yet are ready to provide bespoke solutions to clients based on their need:
Backup solutions
Network security
IT services monitoring & information reporting
Software development
Technical support including remote support
Managed IT services with MSP solutions
Cybersecurity services
Our services are affordable and would cost much less than that if provided through in-house resources.
Web Application Development

Java Development
BPI combines its hands-on experience including recent Java Standard, Enterprise and Mobile technologies.


We provide companies with custom, robust, top-notch .NET solutions across multiple industry domains. As an experienced company, we choose between multitier, micro-services, and cloud-based architecture

Internship/ Training

Open the doors for the Final Year /graduated students for an internship in the development and HR teams.
Involvement of Project Manager/Senior developers, who guide the internship candidates through their internship and ensure that it is completed on time.
Offer a stipend to meet the basic requirement of travel allowances.
Opportunity for the students to do their Mini/Main Project in the development.
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