Weekly Community Call 11/04/201
Weekly Governance Call #14 Agenda

Passed Proposals:
[SCP-31] Proposal to the DAO regarding receipt of ShapeShift Cards (SHAPESHIFTCD) - @willyfox

Active Proposals:
Elect Diggy as Product Workstream leader for 4 months - @Diggy

New Forum Posts (Ideation):
[SCP 33] Official Ideation thread for the “We FOX’ed Up” fund - additional FOX allocated to support team to send customers who encounter poor experiences - @cryptohmeg
[SCP-35] Proposal for $1M FOX:RUNE token swap and joint LP with THORChain [Official Ideation Thread] - @willyfox

New Forum Posts:
Regarding analytics - Customer Support - @cryptohmeg
Establish a Treasury Management and Diversification committee under the Tokenomics Workstream - @Danielle | ShapeShift
Redesign Of The ShapeShift Help Desk - Proposal Discussion - @mogie
Request: “This Week in Shapeshift DAO” -style weekly recap podcast/video series - @zecnate

Old Forum Posts:
New Merch Proposal from Top Drawer Merch - @Steve Brew
BOUNTY: $75,000 + 100k FOX for WebV2 by Nov 18 - @Erik Voorhees
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