Weekly Governance Call Agenda

Passed Proposals:
[SCP-35] Proposal for $1M FOX:RUNE token swap and joint LP with THORChain - @willyfox
[SCP-36] Proposal for Treasury Management and Diversification Committee - @Danielle | ShapeShift

Active Proposals:
[SCP-37] Redesign Of The ShapeShift Help Desk - @mogie
[SCP #39]Proposal to Create Community Moderation Workstream as an independent workstream - @Giantkin
[SCP-40] Create & Fund a Tokenomics Workstream - @kent

New Forum Posts (Ideation)
[SCP-38] Proposal for Creative Services Group within Product Workstream - @graymachine
SCP41 Top Drawer Merch (official ideation thread) - @Steve Brew
[Official Ideation Thread] Proposal to create an “Alpha” version of the open-source ShapeShift web app with analytics - @Diggy

New Forum Posts (Tokemak):
​ Open Letter to the Tokemak Community - @Erik Voorhees
Tokemak C.O.R.E. 2 Solution - @hunt

New and Old Forum Posts:
App and Trust Pilot Reviews - @cryptohmeg
FOX KPI Options - Community Temp Check & Ideation - @inalittlewhile |
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