Are you planning to pursue an MBA or a Ph.D. abroad? Join us in this insightful session where we bring you real-world perspectives from Dr Anand Ramakrishnan: a Scientist and a successful Business Director. Gain invaluable insights into the world of higher education and international careers.

Dr. Anand Ramakrishnan holds a Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from the University of Mississippi, USA and MBA in Marketing from Syracuse University, USA. He has over 18 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science industry. He has authored over 25 peer-reviewed journal articles and has presented at numerous conferences.

He started his career as a Scientist at NeoPharm, Inc., USA. After that, he moved on to Bristol Myers Squibb, USA (a Fortune 100 company) and later worked as a Scientific Advisor for Chalker Flores, LLP, USA. During his tenure at Bristol Myers Squibb, he completed his MBA (Marketing).

After working as a scientist for close to a decade he moved into a Product Management role at GE Healthcare (a Fortune 50 company), where he was responsible for growing the sales of Biocore™ systems and consumables. He is currently working at Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, Australia (CSL) as an Associate Director.

Session Highlights:

Learn about the Ph.D.: Understand how and what it takes to get a Ph.D. admit, life while doing a Ph.D., and all the career options available after completing a Ph.D.

The MBA Advantage: Gain insights into the MBA experience and how it equips scientists with the necessary business acumen, leadership skills, and a broader perspective to thrive in diverse corporate environments.

Personal Transformation Story: Our panelist will recount his individual journey, providing a glimpse into their motivations and the pivotal moments that led him to pursue an MBA and transition into marketing and business.

Transferable Skills: Discover how the analytical, problem-solving, and research skills honed during a Ph.D. program can be leveraged to excel in marketing and business roles.

Navigating Career Transitions: Learn practical tips and strategies for transitioning from academia to business, including networking, resume-building, and interview techniques.

Industry Case Studies: Explore a real-world case study of a scientist-turned-project manager who has made significant impacts in various industries, from biotech and pharmaceuticals to technology and consumer goods.

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