【NCU Information Session-College of Engineering】

【NCU Information Session-College of Engineering】

The undergraduate education of the college aims at educating students to become excellent engineers equipped with sound and the most up-to-date science and engineering knowledge. Fundamental courses related to physics, chemistry, and mathematics are emphasized before students step into their specific fields. Graduate program aims at educating students to be independent researchers or skillful engineers. Students graduated from the College of Engineering are very welcomed by employers in industries, research institutes, and other sectors due to their excellent performance.
For more than a quarter century, the continuous efforts and outstanding research performance of the faculty have made the College of Engineering of NCU now ranked as one of the best engineering colleges in Taiwan. With the beautiful campus, the outstanding and enthusiastic faculty members, and the up-to-date research activities, we are confident that the College of Engineering of NCU is an excellent learning environment for students.

Timeline Video for the College of Engineering as follow:
00:00:55 Structure of the College
00:01:24 Research Focus and Strategies
00:02:08 Programs Offered
00:02:54 Number of Faculty and Students
00:03:32 Interdisciplinary Program of Engineering
00:05:07 Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
00:07:43 Department of Civil Engineering
00:11:03 Program in Construction Management, Dept. of Civil Engineering
00:12:27 Department of Mechanical Engineering
00:15:05 Graduate Institute of Energy Engineering
00:15:51 Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering
00:17:23 Graduate Institute of Materials Science and Engineering
00:19:28 International Students’ sharing
00:24:55 Q&A

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