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【Description】 Xu Hanxia's mother died in childbirth, and her father did not care about her since she was born. But this instead cultivated Xu Hanxia's proud and daring character. With China's economic takeoff, Xu Hanxia took his brothers Tong Xiaoqi and Xiao Chen to start a steel scrap, transport business. In the male dominant steel industry, Xu Hanxia was supported by the virtue of the spirit of adventure and pragmatic attitude, to enter Russian markets. Through all the hardships and even near-death experiences, she started an independent international steel import business, striking her first pot of gold. At this time, the steel market is very competitive. However, with foresight, her bold personality and sense of the market, Xu Hanxia overcome all difficulties, and gradually expand her business territory. After the experience of life, relationship and work, Xu Hanxia knew how to solve problems decisively and how to break through herself, and gained career and love.

【Cast】Zhao Liying , Oho Ou

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