“Introduction to Structural strengthening”

Technical Talk 6: “Introduction to Structural strengthening” by Ahmed Sobhy

Introduction to Structural Strengthening
Upgrading of buildings, bridges and structural components through the use of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) technology where high tensile strength, lightweight fibres and proved durability are required.

The Talk covers:
The fundamental use and application of structural strengthening components in construction and civil engineering markets, including...

1. Introduction to epoxy resin and fibre types, including:
Glass fibre (sheet)
Aramid fibre (sheet)
Carbon fibre (sheet)
Carbon fibre (plate)
2. Applications for FRP and design considerations
3. Why strengthen?
4. Advantages of FRP strengthening
5. Case studies
6. Site practice
7. Standards and testing

Ahmed Sobhy

Ahmed Sobhy, Specification Manager for Weber in the UK. A qualified civil engineer with an MBA degree from the University of Exeter, England. More than 10 years of experience in construction material specifications across the Middle East and most recently Europe.
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