আমার বাবারে আইনা দাও I Apan Thikana: 122 I Rubi I Update I RJ Kebria I

This video is update of Apan Thikana: 122

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oznb1BbjsuQ

APAN THIKANA" is a social media initiative of the life story program of Studio Of Creative Arts. Through this show, the lost person can return to his family. We usually work with adults who got lost in their childhood and still remembers it. If a lost person comes to us and makes a video, and after watching that video if someone claims him as their family member, we leave the matter to the decision of both parties. I urge both parties to comply with the legal rules by accepting each other and encourage them to do the DNA test. Studio of Creative Arts doesn't provide any kind of assistance in the legal matter or the DNA test. The show is created for the purpose of publishing in RJ Kebria's social media channels. Who is the founding managing director of Studio of Creative Arts ltd."
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