सरविंग हो या Retd सभी CSD लाभार्थियों के लिए खुशखबरी | आदेश लिखित में जारी #csd #sainikwelfarenews


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1. The existing application forms for CSD Smart Card have been in existence in
this form since 6 - 7 years with minor changes made in 2018. Based on the feedback
from the envt, the fwg pts were observed:-

(a) Large No of beneficiaries, esp ESM, Widows & NoK were facing problem
& harassment in getting the forms countersigned from Zila Sainik Welfare
Organisation / St HQ / nearest mil est etc.

(b) For serving pers, since the photo on the Canteen Smart Card was in
Uniform, it was being misused as "Identity Proof" to enter mil establishments
and uploading on social media & other Apps like OLX.
This is a serious security concern.

(c) Instructions for filling of form were not self explanatory & beneficiaries
could not fill form correctly leading to rejection of applications.

(d) Off Cdts & Rects were not issued personalised canteen cards.
They could purchase grocery through Steel Cards issued to the Academy / Centre.
These were without name & thus liable to misuse.

(e) Addresses of CS Dte & SCPL were incorrect.

2. Accordingly, after detailed deliberations with SCPL, new Applications forms
have been introduced and are being supplied to all URCs. The relevant changes are
as under:-

(a) Self declaration by beneficiaries that info filled in form is correct.
Countersigning authority has been changed as under:-
(i) Any fd Off/ OIC Canteen / Canteen Offr/ Canteen Manager for
Serving & retired Armed Forces Pers, ESM incl widows & NoK and
serving Cdts / Rects.
(il) For Civ Def employees, verification from Dir level Off is reqd
before countersignatures by Canteen OIC/ Manager.

(b) Photographs of even serving Armed Forces pers to be in Civil Dress as
Offrs - Lounge Suit / Shirt & Tie.
Others - Civil / Dress.

(c) Detailed instr with correct addresses and updated rates have been included.
(d) New forms for Offr Cadts & Rects have been introduced.
The fwg forms are now available for applying for new Canteen Smart Cards:-

Service Pers (Armed Forces)
(White forms)
Retiring Pers (Armed Forces)
(Red forms)
Ex Servicemen / Widows / NoK
(Green forms)
Serving Def Civs
(Yellow forms)
Retiring, Retd & family
Pensioners Def Civs
(Blue forms)
Serving GCs / Lady Cdts / Rects/-
(White form with Blue Print of
All URCs and URC managements to pass instructions to all concerned to use
the new application forms for Canteen Smart Cards.
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