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भिडियो सौजन्य : कुमार अनुरागी

This is the official YouTube channel of www.annapurnapost.com. It is a digital product of Annapurna Media Network (AMN). AMN is a fastest expanding and leading multi-media organization of Nepal. MN works in enabling social leadership and economic development through responsible media practices. It believes in interconnecting the core functional areas of the society and nation. AMN has always believed that media is a mirror of the society which reflects the past, explains the present and reveals the future.
Annapurna Media Network is a media hub of newspaper, magazine, digital news, radio and television. AMN is the publisher of Annapurna Post. Annapurna Post is a Nepali language daily newspaper, published from Kathmandu and other regional cities. It also publishes The Annapurna Express and Annapurna Sampurna and Annapurna Ankur.
www.annapurnapost.com is a digital product of AMN. It is the Nepal's leading news portal with a variety of features. We provide breaking news, investigative stories, depth views and analysis on politics, economy, society, culture, sports, entertainment etc.
AMN operates AP1 HD TV and Radio Annapurna Nepal 94MHZ.
It is the most renowned media organization in Nepal equipped with latest technology, machines and modern management system. It has played a pioneer role in exhibition of its corporate social responsibility (CRS).

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