कृप्या Hyde Park को Hide Park ना बनने दें | Be transparent with Residents

A few motivated residents, who created The Hyde Park Buyers Association and started uniting the residents in pushing builders for timely and properly delivery of our dream homes. All are highly accomplished professional who are excelling in their individual field in professional life.

Our Past Contributions in Evolution of Hyde Park: -
 Forced Builders to provide branded accessories
 Pushed builder to reduce Extra 2-3 lakhs charged by builder on different unwanted heads per flat while taking possession
 Forced builder to ensure to not charge on increased area (70 sqft) for almost 70% buyers. Builder forfeited the same extra amount charged by builder.
 After getting possession of flats there were lot of seepage issues in almost 600 flats. We forced builder to increase the thickness and proper supporting/anchoring of tower water supply pipes to avoid the bursting of pipes & leakage.
 Involvement of our team in finalization of location of and foundation Hanuman Mandir.
 Initiator of organizing various cultural programs like Durga Puja/Ganesh Puja/Holi

Our Thought for Hyde Park in Coming Days
 Digital Central Lift Monitoring System
 Structural audit of society.
 Ensure transparency of all financial transactions by bringing them on public digital platforms
 Transparent Vendor Management, tenders to be opened under public view.
 Focus on safety of structure, and structural audit in first quarter
 High emphasis on Security of Premise
 Replacement of pipes(flexible) would be covered under CAM charges
 Web/APP based complaint tracking, escalation matrix (also on notice board and tower)
 Web/APP and manual feedback mechanism
 Web/APP based tracking of available manpower
 Roll back of unnecessary charges like membership fee.
 Finally, bring back a culture of brotherhood, love and care
 Main lobby entrance modification
 Dedicated parking for visitors
 Horticulture and beautification
 Tower identification properly
 Proper marking of parking & proper installation in parking
 E-tendering for High value tenders along with Bankers guarantee.
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