Meter data management software ppt

As part of the above, the following activities are being carried out at various offices of the IT Wing. The following offices headed by Executive Engineers are functioning under IT wing in order to carry out various computerization activities. The primary importance in the computerization activities is given to the automation of core functional areas of the Organisation. This software was running successfully for billing of more than 1. After carrying out the pilot implementation, Electrical Sections have been migrated to the above Application.

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Meter data management software ppt

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AWS releases smart meter data analytics

Reasons of this needs are; Service continuity, requirement of instant network data, tracing to the possible alarms, etc.

As the networks expand; what is the measurement instrument types? With all these questions, the number of measurement points can be thousands or millions. To save collected data, correction-processing-reporting of it, preparing to the invoice and integration to other systems make very hard to Installation and simply management of such these big systems.

Producers find to solution about these software problems in service technology at software design. In MDM system, all recorded data from measurement points on field is managed and stored for long term.

Raw data is stored by MDM system before billing and report process. After that this data is corrected, cleaned and processed by MDM system. Also, Network gateways are managed by HES system to prevent the overload on network. User control and system synchronization are provided by core service. Generally, It is required to provide Active Directory support. Also, other services are grouped around core service. Also it manage to retry mechanism. With specified drivers, multiple and simultaneous sessions are opened by access service on communication servers.

For example for these drivers,. Mainly, reading to meters, adjustments and update jobs are made by reading service. Load optimization is provided by reading service with transmitting instructions to access service. Defined reports which formatted xml, csv, xls, pdf, doc and jpeg are shared in mail, ftp and common folder services by report service. General report types must be just like below,. Calculation measured data according to varied mathematical operations and saving to these results in virtual meters tasks are provided in grouping report.

Inspection of data taken from measurement points is made by correction service. When this correction happening these methods are used;. Predictions with defined methods for the measurements which could not get from measurement points, are made by this service. When this predictions are making, The methods are just like below. Processing to measurement points alarms and action management of these processed alarms are made by alarm service.

For example, it can be needed to get a measurement according to received alarm from a measurement point or to share of an alarm with any mail address.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Posted on February 2, by Aktif Group Views. June 16, Aktif Elektroteknik GmbH was established in Germany! May 31, New Revolution in Gas-insulated Switchgear Technology! May 30, May 28, Steady Performance even at 8 magnitude earthquake! April 28, Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Quick Offer. Email address info aktif.

Meter Data Management Agenda What is MDM? Where does MDM fit?

The utility industry is on the move to revolutionize and utilities should think about investing into advanced metering infrastructure AMI. Because the energy system is changing, with renewables on the rise, the increasing need to bring Distributed Energy Resources DER into operation and a growing environmental awareness leads to stricter regulations and management. With the deployment of AMI Operator, utilities will need the right solution to help unlock the value within the flood of data to simplify management and optimize processes. The Siemens EnergyIP Advanced Metering Applications support your smart meter data management business from planning, through deployment till operation. The comprehensive set of tools provide customers with a scalable solution to address traditional use cases, such as Meter-to-Cash operations, as well as emerging use cases to support mission-critical enterprise applications.

Time Management: Conquering Long Assignments; Writing with Feedback Color Theory Presentation; Designing Effective PowerPoint Presentations.

Meter Data Management

Utilize AMI data to extend and expand value to innovative use cases like distributed intelligence and smart city applications. Centralize data collection and distribution functions into a single repository to drive business operations and analytic outcomes. Robust validation, estimation and editing VEE for interval and register data to meet data quality standards, supply billing determinants and support non-billing scenarios. Deliver operational efficiency while revolutionizing and accelerating business value. Improve demand response through dynamic pricing and demand response rate programs, managed by a single MDMS solution. Provide the ability to calculate interval-based billing determinants, rate analytics, exception management and work management reporting. Detect communication failures, abnormal usage and reading status conditions through an extensive set of validation sets. Allow for automatic estimation, gap fill interrogation and exception tracking and the tools to resolve issues. Amplify and derive more value from your investments by uncovering insights to drive critical decisions. Enable true interoperability and distributed intelligence to deliver business outcomes for utilities and smart cities.


meter data management software ppt

The research is divided into sections, each of which includes a market trend and change analysis. Drivers, limits, possibilities, and hurdles, as well as the impact of numerous aspects on the sector, are all variables in market dynamics. The report provides participants with critical information as well as specific recommendations for gaining a competitive advantage in the global business world. It investigates how different players compete in the global market and shows how they compete differently. The market size for the Business Process Management Software market is calculated using a projected period included in the research study.

MDMS collect energy consumption data from smart meter devices and send it to utility customer information systems CIS for billing and further processing.

Meter Data Management Software Market Size Research and Analysis | Forecast 2022-2031

Reasons of this needs are; Service continuity, requirement of instant network data, tracing to the possible alarms, etc. As the networks expand; what is the measurement instrument types? With all these questions, the number of measurement points can be thousands or millions. To save collected data, correction-processing-reporting of it, preparing to the invoice and integration to other systems make very hard to Installation and simply management of such these big systems. Producers find to solution about these software problems in service technology at software design.

Smart Water Meter Remote Reading System Solution

Categories — infrastructure, government Download K. The Water Authority harnesses the high-resolution water usage, along with other AMI data, to benefit their employees, customers, operations, and water resources. To upgrade or not to upgrade? That is the question Around , the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority Water Authority faced a problem familiar to most utilities: many of its water meters were past or approaching their year life expectancy. Because accuracy declines and maintenance issues increase as meters age, older meters may adversely impact revenue. Since metering technology had substantially advanced in the prior two decades, the Water Authority now faced a decision: replace their meters with conventional meters, expand their current meter replacement program using automatic meter reading AMR technology, or upgrade their meters and network system to advanced metering infrastructure AMI.

Components of an effective Meter Data Management (MDM) Solution MDM provides data as needed to other applications; Limit changes to legacy systems.

Automated meter data management software

Lesson 2 of 3 By Simplilearn. Industry influencers, academicians, and other prominent stakeholders certainly agree that Big Data has become a big game-changer in most, if not all, types of modern industries over the last few years. As Big Data continues to permeate our day-to-day lives, there has been a significant shift of focus from the hype surrounding it to finding real value in its use. While understanding the value of Big Data continues to remain a challenge, other practical challenges, including funding and return on investment and skills, continue to remain at the forefront for several different industries that are adopting Big Data.

Why Meter Data Management is The Key to Unlocking AMI Usability

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Weather is the most important driver of crop development. However, spatial variability in weather makes it hard to obtain reliable high resolution datasets across large areas. Most growers rely on data from a single station that can be up to 50km away to make decisions about irrigation, pest management and penology-associated cultural practices at the block level. In this regard, we hypothesize that kriging a large network of weather stations can improve thermal time data quality compared to using the closest station. For this purpose, we used temperature records from January 1st to March 1st collected by the California Irrigation Management Information System CIMIS and a system of weather stations placed above the canopy of trees in commercial orchards in-orchard. Our data suggests these differences are not systematic bias but true differences in mesoclimate.

And all this with a single PowerPoint add-in.

Meter data reading software available as cloud SaaS on a subscription basis or on-premise deployed software license is a highly scalable and secure system to acquire meter data on a near real-time basis, organize data and serve it to internal and external applications for presentation and analysis in a systematic manner. IO Metering headend is a scalable data acquisition platform for reading energy meter consumption data and for billing systems, energy management systems, smart grid, and smart metering applications. In addition, the platform also provides protocol drivers for a set of meter specific protocol adaptors for legacy or non-standard meters. IO can be used to configure meters such as protocol settings, security settings, keys etc. Also capable of synchronizing meter time remotely and updating the meter firmware update over the air OTA. IO protocol driver is flexible and adaptable for most of the use cases prevailing in the industry.

Now, see important trending information as it happens, instead of having to comb through imported spreadsheets. Near-real-time visualization of several different data streams means you can easily check on—and share—current site conditions, such as recharge from the last rain event or plant available water. Pull near-real-time data up at a conference to illustrate a point, or share current data with your students to teach them how to model evapotranspiration.

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